Loozr Token Buyback


The central goal of Loozr's Token Buyback Strategy is to fortify token liquidity, stability, and encourage prolonged holding by token holders. This strategy is intricately devised to propel the enduring growth and value escalation of the Loozr token.

Mechanism Overview:

Loozr's Token Buyback Strategy entails earmarking a percentage of revenue generated from specific channels to repurchase Loozr tokens from the market and subsequently burn them, thereby diminishing the overall token supply.

Sources of Revenue for Token Buyback:

  1. Package Sales:

    • Allocate 8% of revenue generated from the sale of premium packages to the Token Buyback Fund.

  2. Transaction Charges:

    • Deduct 3% of transaction charges, particularly from high-value Artist and Music coin trades and exclusive content purchases, for the Token Buyback Fund.

  3. Token Sales and Launchpad:

    • Allocate 2% of the fees collected from token sales and launchpad activities to the Token Buyback Fund.

  4. Strategic Partnerships:

    • Devote 5% of revenue generated from strategic partnerships and collaborations to the Token Buyback Fund.

Frequency of Token Buyback:

Token buyback events are scheduled bi-monthly to maintain a steady and sustainable approach. The specific intervals will be determined based on market dynamics, platform expansion, and revenue generation.

Token Burning Process:

Tokens repurchased from the market will undergo a verifiable and transparent burning process, executed through a publicly accessible smart contract on the blockchain. This ensures complete removal from circulation.

Benefits of Token Buyback:

  1. Enhanced Liquidity:

    • Regular token removals amplify liquidity, ensuring a robust market for Loozr tokens.

  2. Potential Token Scarcity:

    • A diminishing token supply contributes to potential scarcity, a factor that positively influences the token's market value over time.

  3. Incentive for Long-Term Holders:

    • Token holders stand to gain from potential token appreciation, cultivating a compelling incentive for sustained holding.

Communication and Transparency:

Frequent updates on Token Buyback events, the quantity of tokens burned, and the overall impact on the token supply will be communicated transparently to the community. Official channels, including social media, newsletters, and the Loozr platform, will be utilized for this purpose.

Adjustments and Evaluations:

The Token Buyback Strategy will be subject to continuous evaluation, factoring in the platform's performance, market nuances, and community feedback. Flexibility is built into the strategy to accommodate adjustments aligned with the evolving needs of the Loozr ecosystem.

Loozr's Token Buyback Strategy stands as a pivotal commitment to sculpting a sustainable, value-driven ecosystem. It endeavors to instill trust, foster holding practices, and propel the enduring triumph of the Loozr token.

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