Tokenization of real-world potentials and creative assets.

LZR is the native utility token of the Loozr music streaming and metaverse platform. It serves as the primary currency and economic unit within the platform, and is used for transactions such as purchasing and selling creator and music coins, streaming, staking for liquidity provision, and participating in governance decisions.

The Maximum Supply of $LZR is capped at 160,000,000

Token Utility

  1. Medium of exchange:

    Users will use LZR as the primary currency for transactions within the Loozr platform, including the purchase of music, creator tokens, and other digital assets.

  2. Royalties and revenue sharing:

    LZR may be used to distribute royalties and revenue to artists and creators on the platform, as well as to share revenue with users.

  3. Incentives and rewards:

    LZR will be used to incentivize users to participate in the platform by rewarding them for activities such as listening to music, creating content, and referring new users to the platform.

  4. Governance:

    LZR holders will have the ability to vote on important decisions related to the platform's development and governance, such as changes to token economics, new features, and upgrades to the platform. This will give users a say in the direction and future of the platform, as well as a sense of ownership and investment in its success.

  5. Staking and liquidity provision:

    LZR holders will be able to stake their tokens to provide liquidity to the platform's decentralized exchanges and earn rewards in the form of transaction fees and/or additional tokens. This will create a more stable and liquid token economy, while also incentivizing users to hold and invest in LZR for the long term.

  6. Access to exclusive content and features:

    LZR may be used to access exclusive content and features within the Loozr platform, such as early access to new releases or special events. This will create additional value for LZR holders and incentivize them to hold and use LZR within the platform.

  7. Integration with other DeFi protocols:

    LZR may be integrated with other decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, allowing users to access additional features such as yield farming, lending, and borrowing. This will create additional use cases and benefits for LZR holders, while also expanding the ecosystem and reach of the platform.

Overall, the LZR token will serve as the backbone of the Loozr ecosystem, providing a wide range of use cases and benefits for users, creators, and investors alike. By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized finance, LZR will create a more equitable and efficient system for music streaming and creator tokenization, while also creating new opportunities for growth and innovation in the music industry.

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