BOLT⚡️ v1.0

Trade2Earn feature.

Started on 17th November, 2022.

As the Testnet event commences, further information about the development and rewards will be made available.


The purpose of this document is to outline the major deliverables for the stress testing of our user onboarding approach, artist launchpad functionality, and transaction and trading capabilities. These deliverables are intended to ensure that Loozr is reliable and optimized for optimal speed during mainnet.

Account Reservation

Users will be able to reserve an account with their .lzr.testnet domain names. This will allow users to secure their username during Testnet launch. To learn more about account reservation, read article on Medium.

Access to Test Coins

Upon sign-up, users will receive 100 LZR test coins in their wallet. These test coins can be used to test the platform's functionalities (for test purposes ONLY).

Artist Launchpad

Our Artiste Launchpad functionality allows musicians and creators to launch their own coins. This feature is designed to help artists raise funds, build their fan base, and launch new music and social contents.

Sending $LZR Coins to Friends

Loozr allows users to send $LZR coins to their friends. This feature is designed to simplify the process of sending and receiving money.

Buy/Sell Artist Profile Tokens

Trade2Earn is a feature that allows users to buy and sell artist profile tokens. This feature is designed to provide users with a way to invest in an artist's career and reputation using artist tokens.

Follow/Unfollow Friends and Family

Users can follow and unfollow friends and family on Loozr. This feature is designed to help users stay connected with their loved ones.

User-Verified Badge

Users can earn a user-verified badge by completing their profile and specific tasks. This feature is designed to help users establish credibility on the platform.


The purpose of these deliverables is to simplify the onboarding process for users and artists by incorporating a Web2 frontend feel with a Web3 backend.

Loozr's algorithm and calculations allow users to observe the supply curve of artist tokens in real-time, invest in an artist's career and reputation using artist tokens, and evaluate the associated risks, rewards, implementations, and improvements.

These major deliverables are critical to the success of Loozr. We are confident that they will help us achieve our goal of providing a reliable and optimized platform for our users and artists. We look forward to receiving feedback from our users and continuing to improve the platform in the lead-up to the mainnet launch.

Testnet Bolt⚡️ v1.0 Guide here --> 👇👇👇

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