Testnet: BOLT⚡️

Loozr Incentivized Testnet: Bolt⚡️ will be implemented three stages.

  1. Alpha testing (invite-only 2,000 users).

  2. Bolt⚡️ v1.0

  3. and Bolt⚡️ v2.0

  4. Mainnet

Each step is intended to accomplish a specific goal in the product’s launch.

Our vision is for a music industry that is open and inclusive, where musicians, fans, and managers can play a direct role and receive immediate rewards for their contributions. To achieve this goal, we recognize the need for a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, including musicians, fans, creators, degens, Web2 users, creators, DAOs, music labels, and ecosystem builders. We welcome and encourage everyone to participate, and we will reward their efforts towards building a trustworthy and community-driven music platform.

As we prepare for Mainnet operation, our community will engage in evaluations and quests to validate core developer testing and ensure that our platform meets our community's needs. We value feedback from all sources and will host regular community sessions to listen, iterate, and improve our plans. This is an exciting time, and we look forward to working together to create an open and rewarding music industry for all.

What is Testnet?

A testnet is usually the prelude to the mainnet. It is usually the final stage before the product is launched fully for mainstream usage.

During the test, intended users are encouraged to interact with the product mainly to try out available features and share feedback from their experience with the developers, which would eventually be incorporated into the final product.

Also, product loyalists who would be rewarded as pioneers on the mainnet are determined by their participation and activities on the Testnet.

Loozr Testnet Roadmap Overview

We want to keep the timeline flexible to accommodate new possibilities and difficulties that may arise in the process. Below we describe our timeline along this path, outlining deliverables and goals.

ALPHA TestingBOLT⚡️ v1.0BOLT⚡️ v2.0Mainnet: Beta v1.0

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