Meta Pool x Loozr Crowdfunding


Meta Pool has formed a partnership with Loozr to assist in raising funds and launching and expanding its platform with the help of its community through a community governance mechanism called MetaVote!

Communities can now participate in an open vote to secure funding for Loozr and then back the platform as early-stage investors, earning a return on their investment indefinitely.

There are two critical phases of this crowdfunding event:

  1. Community-based Voting (May 10th - 16th):

Firstly, the community-based voting stage will take place from May 10th to May 16th. During this stage, the community will vote on the projects they support and deem worthy of funding.

  1. Fundraising Campaign (May 23rd - 15th June):

Secondly, the fundraising campaign stage will take place from May 23rd to June 15th. This stage will focus on raising funds to support the selected projects and bring them to fruition.

How to Vote for Loozr?

  1. Connect your NEAR wallet on Meta Pool

  2. Get Voting Power by purchasing $META token on Ref Finance (|meta-token.near) or any DeFi platforms of the NEAR ecosystem.

  1. Go back to Meta Pool and get enough Voting Power to vote for Loozr as your preferred project by locking $META.

  1. Vote for Loozr with your Voting Power

After voting for Loozr, contact the Loozr team via Discord or Telegram to be identified as a VOTER on Meta Pool.

How to invest in Loozr on Meta Pool?

This is the second stage, where you can support the Loozr project financially as an investor and early backer.

Investors in the Loozr ecosystem are recognized as early backers and are entitled to receive profits directly from Loozr. Additionally, they may be eligible for an airdrop during the mainnet launch.

Following the voting stage, further information and instructions will be provided on how to invest in Loozr on Meta Pool, including the potential rewards.

What is Meta Pool?

Meta Pool also serves as a kickstarter for new projects on NEAR to get funded by the community. It leverages staking to de-risks the financing of these projects:

Projects can request an amount of $NEAR that they need to launch their product/dApp.

Backers get the opportunity to back project(s) they like and feel will increase in value over time, as well as be deemed valuable for the NEAR ecosystem and the community.

In exchange for their support to the project, backers will receive a certain number (proportional to their support) of the project's native tokens.

In the short term a secondary market platform will be aggregated to Meta Yield so that backers have the possibility to trade their IOU (contract proving stNEAR commitment to the project) Learn More.

What is Loozr?

Loozr basically democratizes music investing.

Loozr is a social music streaming and DeFi platform for creators and music lovers.It enables for everyone to #Listen2Earn from music per second, launch, trade music tokens, and split streaming revenue with their creator and fans.

It introduces DeFi & trading with the intent of addressing some of the core issues facing the music industry, such as;

  • increasing artist payouts,

  • faster payouts,

  • establishing a completely open royalty and streaming accounting system.

By linking financial and entertainment services, this aids in democratizing and fostering the growth of the creator industry (DeFi x Music) Learn more.

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