Loozr AR Access Card NFT


Experience the Genesis Release of the Loozr AR Access Card Collection in July and become an early backer of Loozr.

The Loozr AR Access Card NFT collection marks the beginning of our immersive real-world augmented reality LOOZRverse ecosystem. With a focus on DeFi, streaming, social, music, and content tokenization, our goal is to create a vibrant destination that caters to the creator economy. We are in it for the long haul. TAKE A SEAT, STAY A WHILE.

After careful consideration by the Loozr advisory team, development team, and a community consensus reached anonymously, a significant decision has been made. We have taken into account the volatility of the investor market and the strong desire of our community to support our launch and growth. Consequently, we have chosen to embrace community participation by crowdfunding our Seed Round stage through NFTs. This approach grants complete ownership and early investment opportunities to everyone on our pioneering community-driven social music streaming and DeFi platform for creators and music enthusiasts, all at the Seed Round price.

This decision is driven by the imperative to counter the influence exerted by existing Web2 intermediaries seeking to control and dominate the Web3 music and creators sphere. By incorporating community governance, our objective is to foster a more inclusive and decentralized platform, augmented by innovative solutions provided within the Loozr ecosystem. Loozr transcends the boundaries of a typical social music streaming platform; it represents a groundbreaking venture owned, driven, built, and funded by a collective effort, with an initial release of 700,000 LZR tokens at the Token Generation Event (TGE). Moreover, we will offer a rewarding ROI every four months for four years, exclusively tailored to our early backers.

As an early backer and holder of the esteemed Loozr AR Access Card NFT, you will enjoy a confirmed airdrop, active participation in Loozr's governance and decision-making processes (based on the NFT tier you possess), and a host of exciting rewards and earnings, among various other benefits.

It is important to note that Loozr's development is taking place within the challenging context of a crypto bear market, alongside the recognition that traditional crowdsales are no longer a viable option. In our quest for project support from early backers, the team upholds a set of fundamental principles: Backers must demonstrate a long-term perspective, reflecting their commitment to the project's enduring success. Backers should contribute value to both the project itself, such as active support to the team, and the broader network, such as stake validation or delegation. Funding rounds must be structured with utmost transparency, ensuring equal pricing and lockup terms for all participants within each round. No concentration of stake should be held by a single entity, thereby preventing the exertion of undue control. By steadfastly adhering to these principles, the Loozr team endeavors to establish a robust foundation for the triumph of the Loozr platform.


Does owning a Bolt role and XP guarantee an airdrop?

Owning a Bolt role and XP earns rewards and makes you eligible for potential airdrops.

However, confirmed airdrops are reserved for Loozr AR Access Card holders, early backers, seed round investors, and owners of the Loozr ecosystem. The perks, rewards, roles, monthly drops and governance power depend on the tier of NFT you own.

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