Our team comprises of skilled engineers, designers, and strategists who collectively possess over a decade of experience. We come from diverse backgrounds in blockchain, the entertainment industry, fintech, product development for software, games, immersive experiences, and more.

Yobo Zorle (Co-founder & CEO)

Computer scientist, serial entrepreneur, and a software engineer with expertise in AR/VR and games development. He is best known for founding "Drummers International," a global community of over 20,000 drummers that provides resources and support to drum enthusiasts.

Yobo has also developed popular games like RogueRace and Crunk AR, and founded Klynox, a technology company with a global footprint. Additionally, he served as the CTO at Yarner, Africa's leading social campus platform.

Ben Caeser (Artist Relations)

Musician & producer, founder of TIXGA Music NFT, Music Director for Scarecrow at Warner Bros. — Abu Dhabi.

Sargon Cauz (Marketing Lead)

Community relations activist, market researcher and strategist, and DatBooch founder, procured a trusted network of industry heavyweights, influencers, and developers to power synergistic partnerships and growth.

Confidence Yobo (Senior Engineer)

Highly skilled and experienced software engineer with over a decade of expertise in DevOps, blockchain, AI, and full-stack development. And also an expert in distributed computing and security infrastructure.

Zeina R. (Business Relations)

Creative artist and B-tech in industrial/product design from The University of Johannesburg. Worked on design systems and creative marketing at Voxels.

Mbamali Emmanuel (Regional Head Manager)

An astute creative consultant, talent manager, and seasoned Web3 OG. Founded Creative Connect, and Black Billionaire Circle (a networking and concierge NFT).

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