Artists/Creator Token Launchpad

Diversifying revenue streams for music and content creators - Crypto for Communities.

  • The new Fan2Earn model.

  • Launch your own coin, independent economy, and grow with your community - all on your own terms.

  • Turn your fans from spectators into influencers and stakeholders.

Creator Tools:

😇 Moment

Loozr enables artists and fans to share video snippets of various events such as live performances, recording sessions, tours, skits, covers, trends, travels, rap battles, duets, and more, similar to how TikTok or Instagram Showreel functions. These video moments, referred to as $MOMENT, can be purchased and sold on the blockchain as digital assets.

🔮 Voice

Live voice chat where people around the world come together to talk, connect, listen and learn from each other in real-time… and every $VOICE can be bought and sold on Loozr as a digital asset.

⚡️ Nitro

🤑 GiftMe

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