Music Token Launchpad

World's First Tokenized, Collaborative, and Investible Songs.

The tokenization of music allows musicians and creators to fractionalize the ownership of their songs, meaning that fans and investors can own a part of the song's royalties. This enables a new way for creators to raise funding and allows fans to become stakeholders and investors in the music they love.

Trade2Earn Music Tokens:

With Trade2Earn music tokens, music lovers can now invest in their favorite artists and earn royalties for their investment. This innovative approach has opened up new opportunities for artists, allowing them to raise funds and giving them access to a new pool of investors.

Realtime Fractional Ownership of Royalty Shares:

The blockchain technology used in tokenization enables fractional ownership of royalty shares on-chain, allowing investors to track their investments in real-time. This provides transparency and security for both the creators and the investors.

Turn Fans into Influencers, Stakeholders, Record Labels, and Investors:

Tokenization allows artists to turn their fans into influencers, stakeholders, record labels, and investors. By tokenizing their songs, artists can incentivize their fans to promote their music and create a community around their work. This approach creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the artists and their fans, where both parties can benefit from the success of the music.

No Web3 Knowledge Necessary, 5 Seconds No-Code Launchpad:

The tokenization of music has been made accessible to everyone, and no Web3 knowledge is necessary to get started. With a 5-second no-code launchpad, artists can easily tokenize their songs and start raising funds from their fans and investors.

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