Virtual Metaverse for Musicians, Music Fans, Creators, and Events

The LOOZRverse is a first-of-its-kind, location-based immersive Metaverse (AR/VR) designed specifically for musicians, music fans, creators, and events.

It offers gamified, incentivized, and interactive experiences for businesses, events, and creators, allowing users to unleash their imagination and immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can hang out with celebrities, friends, and fans and experience music, festivals, concerts, and more.


The LOOZRverse component of the Loozr Protocol utilizes a variety of features to create an engaging and immersive Metaverse experience. These features include:

  1. 3D Gamification - The LOOZRverse offers a gamified Live2Earn Music Metaverse that provides various social interactions and experiences for users to earn and share while building their own real-world Metaverse.

  2. Gameplay Interactions - Users can interact with the Metaverse through various gameplay interactions, adding an extra layer of engagement and excitement to the experience.

  3. In-Metaverse Minting and Rewards - Users can earn rewards within the Metaverse, including NFTs, for their participation and contributions to the community.

  4. Music Event Hosting - The LOOZRverse allows users to host their own music events within the Metaverse, providing an exciting and immersive platform for musicians and music lovers to come together and enjoy live performances.

  5. NFT Ticketing - Users can purchase and hold NFT tickets to access exclusive events within the Metaverse.

  6. AR/VR Development - It is compatible with a range of cutting-edge AR/VR technologies such as Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Cardboard, Unity, Snapchat Lens Studio, TikTok AR (Effect House), and more. This compatibility ensures that users can experience an unparalleled immersive and innovative experience, regardless of the platform they are using.


The LOOZRverse consists of three primary features:

  1. 🏝️ LAND:

This Live2Earn Music Metaverse offers a range of social interactions and experiences that allow users to earn and share while constructing their own real-world Metaverse.

  1. 🎨 BUILDER:

This feature empowers content creators to design and launch their own metaverse experiences, such as music concerts, album launches, and real-world business listings, while earning rewards.

  1. 🦄 AR/VR VIEWER:

This virtual world in 3D and XR is tailored for musicians, music enthusiasts, creators, and events. Via this decentralized digital layer, users can generate geolocalized music experiences that have never been witnessed before. Content creators can discover thrilling opportunities to design and launch their own AR experiences within the metaverse.

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