The Vision


Our vision is to be the earth's most community-driven music platform; giving artists and creators the power to independently create their own economies.

  • Where everyone can directly participate in the music business and be rewarded for their passion and contribution.

  • Promote the growth of the music industry by connecting economic and entertainment services using blockchain technology (DeFi x MusicFi).


The mission of Loozr is to foster an open web that democratizes music industry participation, improved monetization, community-driven ownership, and serves as the on-chain launchpad for investible talents and their assets.

  • With the primary objective of putting power and money back to those who truly deserve it, the creators and their communities.

  • Fuelled by the desire to build a new future where creators come first and leverage blockchain to enable everyone to tokenize and monetize their potential with no knowledge of crypto necessary.

The ProblemThe Solution

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