The Solution

Loozr is restoring POWER AND MONEY to the rightful owners, which are the creators and their communities, through various means such as;

  • increasing artist payouts,

  • providing on-chain music distribution to over 220 platforms, including TikTok and YouTube, and ensuring 100% ownership of their songs.

  • Additionally, Loozr is diversifying revenue streams for content creators and their fans,

  • and offering incentive-based experiences for streaming.

  • The platform also allows cross-chain, cross-platform music NFT trading

  • and offers location-based immersive virtual experiences.

Rise Of The New Musician

The fusion of financial and entertainment services in Loozr's approach helps democratize and promote growth in the creator industry (DeFi x Music), while also addressing a longstanding problem of middlemen who complicate, delay, or even deny artists the revenue they generate.

Creator Economy Benefits

Loozr offers a suite of creator tools for promotions and marketing, empowering creators to establish their own digital economy that is tied to their brand, social reputation, digital assets, and content.

This allows them to build and sustain their own online communities, and establish a strong and loyal fan base and take control of their own digital assets, leading to greater independence and creative freedom.

Music Creator (Token Issuer)

  1. Direct access to startup funding from their fanbase, which can be utilized for production costs, branding, touring, and other similar needs.

  2. Strengthening the bond with their fans by leveraging security token financing, which will incentivize fans to contribute to the artist's work and spread it more quickly than usual.

  3. The ability to launch an independent economy where an artist's success is solely dependent on the quality of content they produce. Their worth, measured by coin price and streams, is limited to the value they create.

  4. Everyone is involved in promoting, marketing, and sales because the artist's success is intertwined with theirs.

  5. The streaming revenue is allocated to the artist, who can decide the percentage to be shared with token holders or investors.

Fanbase (Token Holders)

  1. Benefit from a steady stream of cash flow every time an artist's music is streamed by holding their token.

  2. Experience the satisfaction of playing a direct role in supporting your favorite artist's success and professional growth.

  3. This involvement provides both emotional support and potential financial gain for token holders as the artist gains popularity and generates revenue.

  4. The ability to sell tokens in secondary markets for a profit is likely as demand for the artist's tokens increases with their growing fanbase.

  5. Fans have the opportunity to earn money in three ways: by purchasing the artist's $Profile token, buying the $Song token, and streaming the songs they own.

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