Regional Hub

Sequel to its tesnet launch, the need arose for regional hubs to tend to each continent and ensure that all cultural identities present in the vibrant #LoozrFam community are equally represented as we proceed to collectively build a world class Music-Defi streaming experience for everyone!

The Loozr Regional Hub will serve as a central point for different continents within the Loozr community and each continent will be uniquely represented in its tag —"Loozr [REGION NAME]."


  • Mainstream Web3 Adoption:

An equal representation of everyone means more inclusion, which in turn equals more reach. As a community driven project, we're keen on providing a welcoming and safe space for everyone within the #LoozrFam community —a measure we believe will push a major drive of Web3 adoption through the excellent and relatable product Loozr is.

  • Increased Web3/Music Education:

As a new technology constantly being improved, Web3 technology remains ever evolving and this makes the learning process for newbies, non-web3 users and even OGs quite tedious. These regional hubs will help drive Web3 awareness, education and adoption for the locals using regional relatable terms, phrases, methods and approach, providing everyone with ease and fun while learning.

  • Creative empowerment:

Loozr aims to utilize these hubs as a tool for creative empowerment by providing creators with regional relevant tools, network, visibility and opportunities to grow their career. The hubs will also provide an enabling environment for local creators to build a fan base and IRL community for themselves!

  • Encourage Networking:

The different Regional Hubs will host programs occasionally that will be open to all #LoozrFam within that region to participate in. We're confident that these programs will birth meaningful networks amongst community members.

  • Promoting Lifestyle & Culture:

At Loozr, we understand the relevance of individual lifestyle and culture and the role it plays in acceptability for everyone. Therefore, The Loozr Regional Hub will be a celebration of the culture, lifestyle and identity of its members with a We believe that with Loozr being a web3 music streaming platform and these hubs being a centre of networking among various countries, sharing of music will give each of our community members an insight into other people's way of life.

These regional hubs will be self-sustainable and community-driven creative hubs for artists and content creators based within them.

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