Loozr Foundation

Empowering Creators Since 2022

The Loozr Foundation is an autonomous entity dedicated to developing contemporary talents and groundbreaking ideas on the blockchain.

As a Loozr vertical, it is committed to supporting music and content creators by providing funding, grants, sponsorship, organizing events, offering education, and facilitating networking opportunities.


The mission of the Loozr Foundation is to empower creators and innovators in the music industry by providing resources and support to help them thrive in the digital age. We strive to cultivate a culture of creativity, collaboration, and innovation, where artists can freely express their vision and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways.

Programs: The Loozr Foundation offers various programs to support music and content creators.

These include:

  1. Funding and Grants: The Loozr Foundation provides funding and grants to help music and content creators bring their ideas to life. The grants are awarded to individuals or groups who show exceptional promise in the field of music and content creation.

  2. Sponsorship: The Loozr Foundation offers sponsorship opportunities to music and content creators who are interested in promoting their work to a wider audience. The sponsorship program provides financial assistance for events, tours, and other initiatives that align with the Foundation's values.

  3. Events: The Loozr Foundation organizes and hosts events to bring together music and content creators, industry leaders, and fans. These events provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and learning, and showcase the work of talented creators.

  4. Education: The Loozr Foundation offers educational resources and programs to help music and content creators develop their skills and grow their careers. These resources include workshops, mentorship programs, and online courses.

  5. Networking: The Loozr Foundation facilitates networking opportunities for music and content creators to connect with industry leaders, fellow creators, and potential collaborators. This includes access to industry events, conferences, and online communities.

Loozr Creator Fund (Grant)

The Loozr Creator Fund is a program that recognizes individuals who have built substantial and engaged audiences for their creative content on the network.

The program supports Loozr's most dedicated and talented creators by offering incentives for them to continue producing and sharing content with their fans, and contributing to the creative community while pursuing their passion with those who appreciate their work.

The Loozr Foundation is committed to supporting music and content creators and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity in the music industry. We believe that by providing resources, funding, education, and networking opportunities, we can help creators achieve their full potential and bring their ideas to life on the blockchain.

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