Loozr DAO

Decentralizing the Music Industry

Loozr DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that operates on the Loozr platform. Its goal is to support creatives and musicians around the world, and to democratize the music industry through community-driven decision-making.


Loozr DAO is governed by a mix of public members and industry professionals who are vetted and interested in contributing to the platform's growth and development. This governance model ensures that decisions are made with the community's best interests in mind, and that the platform's features and updates are designed to meet the needs of its users.

Supporting Loozr Music Streaming Platform

One of Loozr DAO's main functions is to support the Loozr music streaming platform, which provides a fair and transparent revenue model for musicians and creators. Loozr DAO helps to ensure quality assurance, assists with verifying creators and musicians, and facilitates community-based decision-making through direct voting on updates, changes, and features.

Community-Driven Decision Making

Loozr DAO enables the public to directly vote on platform-based decisions, including those related to new features, changes in the revenue model, and verification of creators and musicians. This decentralized and democratized decision-making process ensures that the music industry is more transparent and responsive to the needs of creatives and fans alike.

Join Loozr DAO Today

If you're a creative with a vision, join Loozr DAO and help shape the future of the music industry. Connect with us on Telegram at https://t.me/officialloozr to learn more about how you can get involved.

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