Loozr QR code

A Convenient Way to Connect with the Music World

LOOZR has introduced a new feature to enhance your experience of music on the blockchain - the LOOZR Web3 QR Code.

This code provides a convenient way to interact with the music world without any hassle.

This introduces a new level of branding, identity, investment, and crowdfunding opportunities to the music industry. This feature allows music fans to scan the QR code and easily stream music, invest, and trade music tokens on the go. As an artist token holder, you become part of their inner circle and gain free access to events by simply having your QR code scanned. You can also use your tokens, earned through streaming or trading, to pay for goods and services, and even music. This feature benefits content creators as well.

Benefits of Loozr Web3 QR Code for the music industry:

  • Enhanced branding and identity for music industry

  • Investment and crowdfunding opportunities

  • Easy streaming, investing, and trading of music tokens

  • Free event access for artist token holders

  • Use tokens to pay for goods and services

  • Receive payments through music tokens

Ways to utilize Loozr Web3 QR Code:

  • Enhance branding and identity for music industry

  • Crowdfunding music projects

  • Stream music

  • Invest in music

  • Trade music tokens

  • Attend events for free as an artist token holder

  • Pay for goods and services with music tokens

Transfer via QR codes:

LOOZR QR Code enables users to pay friends and shop globally with music for free. Moreover, users can send money to anyone who doesn't have a crypto wallet. The transactions are data-encrypted and powered by smart contracts, ensuring a secure transfer of funds.

Scan to listen to music:

With LOOZR QR Code, users can enjoy their favourite music without downloading any additional app. All they need to do is locate the artist's banner or flyer and scan the QR code to access their playlists and stream music instantly, trade music token instantly.

Tip artists and music creators:

LOOZR QR Code allows users to tip their favourite artists and music creators effortlessly. There are no restrictions on the talents you can support, and every contribution counts towards an artist's career growth.

LOOZR QR Code is a revolutionary way to connect with the music world. It simplifies the process of music streaming, transactions, and supporting creators. Try it out and experience the ease and convenience it provides.

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