Loozr Name Service (LNS)

LNS is a branding & identity service for creators on Web3.

It allows all Loozr users to use a human-readable ".lzr" name for their Loozr wallet address in the public domain.

The aim of LNS is to create a more facilitating experience for Loozr users and promote the widespread adoption of Web3 in the long run.

Benefits and Features of LNS

We believe that the introduction of the LNS will help improve the overall user experience in various ways. One of the key features of LNS is the ability to create a username that can be used instead of sharing personal contact information like phone numbers or email addresses. Here are some of the benefits and features of usernames on LNS:

1. Improved User Experience:

LNS provides both Web3 enthusiasts and non-Web3 users with a seamless onboarding process. With the LNS, users can easily identify and recall their profile and faves profile addresses, as well as reduce the rate of errors during fund transfers.

2. Unique Brand Identity:

Musicians and content creators can create a Loozr domain name off their brand which sets them apart from other creators and establishes a unique identity for themselves. This can aid in establishing a relationship with their fans. The Loozr team has been very strategic in the proposed LNS launch to ensure all users are properly equipped with the right information, and the product made ready and in the right phase to serve its purpose.

3. Send and Receive Money:

Users can send and receive money from friends, family, and businesses using LNS.

4. Increased Privacy:

By using a username instead of sharing personal contact information, users can protect their privacy and avoid potentially sensitive information from being shared with others.

5. Easy to Remember:

Usernames on Loozr are easy to remember, making it simple to share with friends and family when sending or receiving money.

6. Simplified Transactions:

Usernames simplify the transaction process and eliminate the need to exchange long crypto wallet addresses.

7. Business Use:

Loozr also offers a blockchain wallet feature that enables businesses to use a username to receive payments from customers.

8. Social Networking:

Loozr has a social networking aspect where users can share transaction information with friends or view other users' transactions, which makes it more convenient to pay for things like rent or dinner with friends.

Loozr's LNS feature offers a convenient, secure, and private way to send and receive money, which has contributed to its widespread popularity among users. With the introduction of LNS, the Loozr team hopes to provide a more seamless onboarding process and promote the adoption of Web3.

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