Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loozr?

Community-driven music streaming platform enabling creators & musicians to launch tokens, stream music and earn.

How do I get my Loozr Name Service (LNS)?

LNS permits all Loozr users to utilize a human-readable .lzr name as their wallet address. To do so, you just need to sign up and input your distinct .lzr name.

How to become a user?

To signup as a user or fan, simply follow these steps:

  • To sign up, enter email or select any compatible Web3 wallet (MetaMask, NEAR, HERE wallet, etc). Beta v2.0 will support multi-chain wallets; now, it only accepts email registration.

  • Set your custom Web3 domain name (LNS)

  • Customize your profile and choose your genre

  • Discover musicians and creators early, listen, and flourish alongside.

How to invest in an artist/creator?
  • To get started, sign up for an account and explore various artists or creators.

  • Once you find your favorite, navigate to their profile and locate the "Buy" coin button.

  • Then, simply enter the desired amount of the artist token you want to purchase.

How do I become an artist or creator?

If you're a musician, you can join Loozr by following these steps:

  • Create a user account

  • Select "Apply to Become an Artist"

  • Review and agree to the community terms

  • Undergo artist verification (KYC) via OpenDAO

  • Tokenize your profile and content

  • Grow and succeed with your community.

Is Loozr limited to only musicians?

The Loozr model is not limited to just creators and musicians, but extends to businesses, events, podcasters, TikTokers/YouTubers, content creators, and other similar entities.

For more inquiries, partnerships, etc... email

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